"The ONLY On-Premise Lifestyle Club
in SouthWest Florida"


OZ is a private on-line membership club for those in the lifestyle to join together for the advancement of consensual alternative sexual expression. Private residence on-premise house parties, as well as meet and greets, are held at various locations throughout Florida.

Memberships are available after a brief interview, a copy of your ID is obtained and a privacy statement is signed. A copy of your initial on-line membership MUST be brought with you to finalize your membership. At that time, you will then be welcomed to join the parties and socialize with other like-minded individuals. You must adhere to the rules of the party as stated on the info page of this website or you will be asked to leave.

We would like you to remember that house parties come complete with neighbors and everything that goes along with that. We trust that your coming and going will be done with quiet respect for those around you. Thanks!

When a party is at a private residence, there is never a charge as they are not a business. There is, however, a suggested donation to help with the cost of the party. When a meet and greet is held at a club/business, their standard door fee is charged, unless a discount is given to OZ members.

Once membership is complete, you will be given a list of party and meet and greet locations. We welcome you to join other like-minded individuals from not only across Florida, but from across the world!

For online membership to OZ, please fill out form below. You will then be immediately redirected to a new page with all the details you will need and will be emailed a Certificate for you to print out and bring with you to finalize your membership. THE NEW MEMBER CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED. All of your information will be held in the strictest of confidence. We do not give, sell, trade or exchange information with any companies, businesses or individuals.


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